Thursday, February 24, 2011


... my yellow shoes are dying. I put them on today and realised they are (literally) falling apart. Ready to be tossed away.
Whoever has known me in the past two years knows just how much those shoes mean for me. And now they are dead. Time to move on.
Looking at them today I started thinking of all the fun, crazy, important moments I lived wearing them. All those memories were suddenly slightly too much to take and I had to sit down. What now? Do I want to buy another pair of yellow shoes? They are beautiful, but the new pair will not be the same, would it? It would be just like trying and carry on with a worn out relationship.. or scream and fight to avoid getting old.. But, what other shoes would I like now? what do I feel like? What would represent my identity?

That I do not know.
Beautiful metaphor of my life.
Time to look ahead, but to where?



Danielle said...

This is very sad news. Time is an odd beastie. I don't think a new pair of yellow shoes could ever replace the old ones; they definitely wouldn't be the same. Haven't been through the same experiences - they would just be a feeble imitation.
Clearly, bright orange is the way to go :)
Italy xxx

onar said...

bright orange.. now, that's a thought!! =D I'll look into it..
Italy indeed..