Monday, January 16, 2012

If only...

.... life were a little bit more like rugby, everything would be easier. You'd know at a glance who your enemies are and you'd fight to the end knowing that your friends will always support you. To the end. You'd be able to smash your enemies bad and not feel guilty about it, because that's what you are meant to do. And they will expect it. You'd know that none of your friends will ever turn against you and that even if they might shout at you, it's only for the ultimate common good. And you'd be sure that none of your enemies will ever wear your same colours, they will not mingle with your friends, not for a moment think to mix up with your lot. And you'd know, only too well, that even if you make a mistake everybody else does: it's the team effort that counts.
Oh the beauty of the game!
Why isn't life like rugby?