Thursday, August 24, 2006


I'm afraid I can't post the photo,but I'm sure some people know who I'm talking about...
It's really important because nobody has heard from him since sunday 13 august!Please,If anybosy has seen this man tell us..
NAME:Adam Jones
AGE: 27
P.D:small,long hair,blue eyes

He should be in Spain but nobdy knows for sure...
If you meet him on friday night ask for Yeve...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Nothing special,I forgot cars run on the right side of the road so I crossed and..well it's quite strange i'm not in hospital right now.I won't talk about the importance of life,not at all,but what happened made me realize that here I'm like a fish out of water(is the same in english?).Oh,yes,I know this place since I was born but now I feel stranger: everything is boring,so normal,so...Definitly I was born to live away from here sourraunded by differents emotions.I need to do different things,to meet new people and make friendship,to laugh for stupid miistakes,to fall in love with somebody I know I would never ever see again and dream about him every day and night just for fun,just to say"oh I met HIM"....
I need to go.I can't stand here.I need to do,travel,see...
this is a prison!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Another piece in english,but this time is the masterpiece of poetry of a man,still unkown but who has a great future as a poet...this is the poem.


I wish I was a toilet
it would be so much fun,
I'd drink detergent weekly
and look right up your bum.

by Peter

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I've promised something in english and here it is.It's strange to be at home after three weeks spent away,living everyday with great people.on one hand is home on the other,now i have a piece of my home and my heart in Poland,Russia,Austria,Germany and England and this palce is too quiet for me without all that great crew.
That was the best hollyday of my life,and i really felt that it doesn't matter how different we are or that we didn't know each other before,three weeks are enough to become friends!!!So thank you ladies an gents,thanks for everytime we have laughed for anything,for everytime we went to find lucy,for the pink tie with tweety (a real yellow twetee)and for cactus clone and bigmac and hallo to-too and everything.Just thank you all for ahave given me the best days of my life!!!!!!!
And..well,cheers to us,to the ladyboys in general,to all the sporchi comunisti,to the polish laugh and to Peter.If I have forgotten somebody or something is only because i'm to tired to think...
and thanks!