Sunday, June 20, 2010

The end.

Not really the end yet. Still a week to go, but the feeling is the same.
The three best years of my life come to a close and I find myself dealing with empty feelings that can easily be summarised in a question mark.
What is gonna be next? Whatever it is, it's not gonna be the same. There will be no Fitz, no Cambridge and no strong emotions associated with them. Fact.
I think I made the most out of these three years. They will remain as definitely the best, and in 20 years time I will be able to talk about Cambridge with that sort of nostalgic lover look so characteristic of alumni.. oh dear.
I get the sneaky feeling it's all gonna be down hill from here. This should be the beginning of my real life, when the excitement of challenges, maturity and responsibility begins. And yet I find it hard to feel anything but a strong sense of nostalgia and apathy towards the future. Cambridge was the peak of my life and the rest it's just gonna be slightly disappointing.
Probably not a good mood to start life with....
.... eventually I will find the time to cry.
For now, let's all drink lemonade.
The end.