Saturday, April 19, 2008


How many post did I already write with this title? millions probably... who cares?
God didn't save Italy, but saved me! I'm back, determined to rock this term! amazing how only 5 weeks made me forget I much I love staying up until 1 am (when early) chatting with friends, and then walking in the rain and get all shining; rolling down hill to sansbury; going to the buttery; walking through Fitz feeling as home as I've never felt; laughing a lot; playing darts in the bar; decorating my room; unpacking with the feeling of being starting sth new and yet great; checking facebook hundreds times in half an hour... and so on... I simply love Cambridge!!! what more can I say?!
nothing, Cambridge says everything.
glad to be back!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Elections should be the way in which citizens of a country express their preference and somehow influence the destiny of the nation. Is it really like that? Not in Italy. Here the main concern is on how to fire the same old, fake faces from our tv screens... here people get over-excited when somebody suggests a good strategy for making the next government last as less as possible and possibly showing those guys that everybody in Italy is tired of them. Encouraging.
Democracy should be the type of government in which people (demos..) govern, and make decision. In Italy, politicians are separated ethnic group, with it's own rules and it's own conception of reality, which is always slightly different from everybody else's point of view. Politicians are the only ones in the whole country that earn an awful lot of money without working, the only ones who still smiles and think that the future is pink. They don't share anything with the rest of the country, I might say they are not Italian.
But coming back to Elections. Choice is between a young good catholic guy who still kisses the hand of the Pope and Mr. Berlusconi who no more than 20 minutes ago proudly affirmed that Italian magistrates have brought 91 actions against him on courts. (at least half of which for corruption). Those bastards. Now, what am I supposed to do? Do we have a solution, or are we condemned to be governed by these people? Is there a way of escaping this (apart from getting a british citizenship right now..) or is this gonna last for ever?
who knows... 24 hours to the elections... God save Italy