Friday, February 20, 2009

Ciò che Dio unisce, l'uomo non sciolga!

I miss sitting down with music on and writing my heart out. 
I miss pondering over my past day and making resolutions for tomorrow.
I miss sitting with friends talking about politics until 4am.
or talking about God, or war, or whatever really until 4am.
I miss good food.
I miss a good night sleep.
I miss taking the bus to go somewhere... spending hours looking out the window and thinking.
I miss reading novels. 
I miss my bed.
I miss being in control of my life rather than waking up one morning to discover 6 weeks have gone without me noticing.
I miss a good cry.
I miss a good bitch. 
I miss having time to actually feel miserable or happy, rather than getting the feeling I should be miserable but I don't actually have the time.

I don't like my life going so fast. I want it to slow down again. And I want a meaning.. a dream to pull me on. 
need a holiday