Friday, November 19, 2010

The Cave

Yet another 4am drunken post. (well almost 4am.)
Clubs are the worst place to get all philosophical.But, again, I can't help it.. As Plato rightly put it, we are all in a cave and what we see and experience are just projections of a higher life. Merging it with Pirandello, one could argue that we live in millions different caves and the life we believe to be living is only the projection of our on mind.. My cave is notoriously an odd place to be. And I need to keep reminding myself that, yes, most of what I think other people think or feel it's just part of my mind. I see people doing what I hope them to be doing or feeling or thinking. I know, I know. And still keep falling in the same old mistake of trusting that it might be real. It's not. And the more I secretly want something to happen the more I project on people my desires; the more difficult it gets to stay on balance. Keep your balance dear, it's not happening. Despite your deepest wishes. So here I am at 4am, agony a glass of wine and the need to scream.
And yet I know, probably thank to age, that extremes and drugs are not the way to break free from the cave - despite what people might think. I know now (now we know) that is a matter of being able to win the battle with your innermost self. This is joy. Even if covered in pain. Hence, new resolution. However difficult this might prove I shall win. I ought to. I have no choice.
So everybody please say with me: "what are u doing in a cave?!" but with a scouse accent.

John Barleycorn must Die.