Sunday, March 08, 2009

What is cambridge?

I should be writing an essay but at the moment I feel so frustrated toward people that this terribly deep  thought just stroke me. 
So.. what is Cambridge?
Cambridge is a bubble. A place outside the world, a universe on its own, rounded and perfect. A caleidoscope of opportunity. A platform for any career. A factory for people. Cambridge takes in kids and spits out people after only three years. You get into Cambridge without a clue on how to survive (in most cases at least) and in the space of few months u learn it. Wonder. 
It's not only about learning what you have to learn and do well in exams. It's more about learning how to write emails, and that u need to reply to them quick; enjoying all opportunities or at least as many as u can; interacting with people and creating life-lasting bonding; organizing your time; working in a team; learning that people could be frustrating and useless even when they have to be useful!; learning that friends are often NOT the best people to work with; learning what it feels like to lose and what to win. It's a challenge, to overcome all weaknesses and be strong enough not to be won by crisis and difficulties.

That's why I love it. 

John Barleycorn must die. 

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