Monday, March 16, 2009

Answers in Genesis. 

Herzberg and I went down to London to hear this crazy chap talking about creation. Why we did it? God knows. It was like being punched in the face for an hour. Here are my notes, word by word. Enjoy. 

Our Creation museum teaches both points of view, but obviously teaches that one is WRONG!
The 7Cs= Creation, Corruption, Confusion, Catastrophe, Christ, Cross, Communion (not quite sure about the last one...)
"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalms, 11:3
Genesis is the foundation of the Bible, if you take it away the whole Bible will collapse. 
I had this argument with a teacher who was saying that Genesis is just symbolic. Just symbolic?? The original sin was not symbolic! Otherwise we would all be symbolic sinners, which doesn't make any sense!! We ARE guilty!!
The holiness of marriage is stated in Genesis too. Because men and women are created from one flesh which reunite in marriage. If, say, we descend from apes, than this meaning is destroyed and all sort of sins can come in, even gay marriage!!
Also, why do you think we have weeks of seven days? Because of the Genesis! The world was created in 7 days, not billion of years!!
If we refute Genesis, than we are mining the authority of God. And we don't want a world in which man is the authority.
Darwin is responsible for the decline of Christianity in the West, especially in the UK. We are losing the Christian basis of the West. (So what?! say I)
We are under the Genesis 3 attack! = when God said "you should no eat for the tree of knowledge!" (is knowledge so terrible?) And the snake then tempted Eve by saying "Did God REALLY say that??"
= not accepting totally the word of God. Even the Church has succumbed to disbelief.
Evolution proves that you can't trust the Bible. 
Obama, in a statement, said that America is not just a Christian nation, but also a jew, moslim etc one. This is the beginning of the end!!
John, 13:2 If you don't believe the earthly things, how can you believe the heavenly things?
= if you don't believe in Genesis, how can you believe in the Gospel??
Those who invented evolution were sinners who needed a justification for not believing in the Bible and thus made up a story. 
The whole theory of evolution stands on the idea that things evolved in billions of years. But billion of years is a concept not even thinkable by the human mind!! there was never all that time.. the world was created in 6 days! (I don't have a problem in thinking million of years. Do u?)
Darwin influenced racism and school violence. In the '40s in america were teaching that we have 5 races. And Pekka-Eric Auvien, left a video in which he was calling himself naturalselector. (Americans are pretty fucked up, so what?!)
Darwin influenced atheism, which is obviously he worst thing in the world. Atheists use Christian who are willing to compromise (like Catholics) to destroy the Christian faith.
Darwin influenced the Church. He's buried in Westminster Abbey, the church is honoring this devil!
Evolution and the problem of death -->If your believe in evolution, you believe that death, suffering, disease etc. existed before Adam's sin. But in the beginning of the creation God said that all he created was good. Are we denying this fact?
Adam's sin is our sin. Everything from that point is our fault. What Hitler did is our fault. Because of the original sin= death. 
+ Geology is false. Layers of rock can be deposited in just 2 days by vulcan eruption. Which happened during the flood. By the same tokens fossils are just the rests of those sinners who died in the flood. God is making them appear= we should interpret it as a sign that a new flood is coming and all get on board of the Christian new Noah's ark..

The worst thing it that the church was packed with people nodding. Oh and kids. 
Now, I don't have a problem with personal believes but a) this was an insult to human logic. b) if that's the dominant power in America we do have a big problem.
Bring back the Middle Ages.

John barlerycorn must die


caitlin said...

Isaiah 55:12 says:

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

Do these creationists think this should be taken literally as well?! I'm a Christian but I believe in evolution. Different parts of the Bible were written for different purposes (e.g. the passage above is poetry) - Genesis is similar in that it was not written as a scientific text.

Sorry, I just can't read this without defending Christianity - this is very much an extremist point of view and does not represent the majority!

onar said...

possibly.. that guy was quite scary!! It was like being thrown back in the Middle Ages!!
I really hope it's not the general view... but the church was packed believe me, and people were seriously agreeing with him. It looked very much like an invitation to stop thinking...
I really hope that most people are still able to use the divine gift of free thinking..

Lorenzo said...

i suma mal rangiai... l'è pecc ca in italia sa a ghe nsi tanta gent ca la pensa 'nsi...

caitlin said...

I'm reading a seriously awesome book by Dr Denis Alexander (supposedly a fellow at St Edmund's? he's a neurochemist/immunologist/biochemist (!) and a Christian)

anyway his book is about creation and evolution - he writes:
"Christians who make it their mission to attack evolution, in the mistaken assumption that it is anti-God, are embarrassing and bring the gospel into disrepute... Some very high-profile scientists, now atheists or agnostics, were Christians in their teenage years but gave up the faith because some well-meaning member of their local church told them that they couldn't be a real Christian and believe in evolution at the same time. Promoting such a false dichotomy is not only theologically false (read the book of Galatians!) but also very damaging to the spread of God's kingdom... Christian campaigns against evolution represent a giant 'red herring'... Instead of putting millions of pounds and dollars into publishing glossy magazines attacking evolution, why not put that money into helping the poor, or tackling HIV, or funding orphanages?"

He writes all about genomes of primates and the upper palaeolithic and speciation etc etc - it is so good marghe! evolution is lush! xxxx