Friday, June 01, 2007


I've just realised that time is running away really fast, life is too short!!!I'm starting to think I'm loosing my time doing nothing and I shouldn't cose another year is gone and I'm still the same little child with loads of dreams but not a single project...basicly I'm scared...the future makes me scared...I just wanna enjoy every single moment of my life!!!



raraavis said...

Don't be scared! Life is just like this... You'll keep dreaming and thinking this won't bring you anywhere... You'll keep walking, one step after the other... You'll make decisions just cause you can't avoid it...
then, finally, you'll look back and realise that life is bringing you somewhere, an interesting and unsuspected place... you'll find out the way you've choosen simply without being aware to... and most things make sense!

Jul said...

Marghe, come on!Everybody is scared a bit, I think about it too.It's normal and natural: man is scared of everything new he faces.It's great to make plans.But it's even greater to make sure life will turn out that way to complete them.This had been said a thousand times,'s all up to you!