Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yesterday, talking with my friend, I suddenly realized a few important things about the last Harry Potter film. First, I don't remeber exacly the words (I've read the book two years ago or sth like that), but the kiss (?) between Harry and Cho was described in this way, more or less "...and she came closer and closer untill he couls see the tears in her eyes." Ful stop, end of the chapter.
Now they are filming a 24 shots kiss scene with 40 different points of view(I wonder..).A part that thinking of a kiss scene I can imagine only 3/4 points of view,it's always amazing to see how wilde is the director imagination..
let's wait for the mouvie then..


Anonymous said...

yeah harrys and chos kiss must have become the best part of the film and the best kiss of the century even if j.k.rowling doesnt agreee:P

onar said...

I wonder what could happen if cho, I mean the actress who plays cho, would say that daniel radcliffe is a bad would be funny!!lol