Monday, May 24, 2010


There's a spider on my laptop.
It's red. It goes up an down.. moving all around the perimeter of my screen.
It's hot.
The weather, not the spider.
But presumably the spider is hot too...
Wish I didn't have to revise and could enjoy the sun.
It's not gonna last.
The sun, I mean, but also the revision.
Cram, cram, cram.. for what? in two weeks is gonna be over.
What is the point?
There is no point.
It's like a sailing boat in the middle of the sea. No wind. Total calm.
Time will stop. And rush forward. But always giving you the impression there is no tomorrow.
Always, with the sun burning your skin.
We need a storm.
Rain on skin. Bare feet on grass.

The spider is gone.
Need sleep.

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