Saturday, May 09, 2009

Orfeo & Euridice

Orfeo: in tears I was looking, not for her, but for myself. For a destiny, if you like. I was listening to myself. My destiny never betrays. I was looking for myself. There is no other thing people look for. Seen from the side of life, everything is beautiful. But believe someone who has been among the dead. It's not worth it. And you people, keep enjoying the party. Everything is allowed to those who don't know yet. But it's necessary that everyone would go down to their hell. The origin of my destiny ended up in Ade, she ended while singing, according to my ways, life and death.

Bacca: but what does it mean that a destiny never betrays?

Orfeo: it means that it is inside you, it's your treasure; deeper than the blood, beyond every inebriation, no god can touch it. 

By (obviously) C.P. 

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