Sunday, October 26, 2008


... bored of un-identified australopithecine bones I've opted for something slightly more fun. It goes like this: do u remember Amelie? the very beginning, when the voice lists 3 things that Amelie's parents love and hate.. I've always thought it is a good way of describing a person, u get a detailed idea of that person's personality (far too many "person" in this sentence...) only through what they like or not. so here we go.. Marghe's 3 Love & Hate

pulling little stone out of my shoes soles (preferably with a pen)
smoking outside fitz at night and having small conversations with drunk fitzbillies who walk in in gown
waking up in the middle of the night getting the feeling I'm the only person awake in the world and stalk out of the window to see Fitz asleep

painted feet finger nails
getting the feeling to have done sth wrong
being forced to avoid people.

Of course there's a lot more to it.. but I did have only 3 spaces.. I'll write another list pretty soon...

John Barleycorn must die


вещица said...

marghe, just noted that the titles of your old entires are like a fridge-magnet poem :)
chaos - good old cambridge -
home - back in the bridge -
lame - maybe the Moon is reaching for me
symbols - What restrains me? -
love life - I'm rather pissed off. -
romeo & juliet - I have a dream - cambridge

have a good night / essay. xx

caitlin said...

can i add these to your magazine submission? xx

вещица said...

add them to marghe's, i've only copied the titles and first words of her blog entries :) xx

onar said...

go for it!!
geez.. didn't realize I was such a poet!!