Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Yesterday I went to the Fitz Carrers Event, just for fun actually (well and free food later..)cose if I really am to do what I want at the moment I don't need to be embployed by anyone, expecially not by a rich tv man with a texan jaw and a wearing a scarf in the typical berslusonian way. No thanks. Anyway, they basically sayed that you need to fight to get in anywhere, you need to fight a lot. Now, that was exacly the point of our lecture about socanth theory, these new victorian aristocratic men where saying me " life is a struggle for survival, and only the fittiest survive." Great. But, if theat's true I should have died 15 years ago, which I did not and I think I am doing pretty well since then. Conclusion: evolutionism, struggles, money all that kind of stuff might be important for certain kind of people, but it is not the only thing that matter. We do remeber only thiny, ill men, who weren't rich at all but able to write masterpieces like Ulisses, or Romeo and Juliet. We do not remeber the fittiest. The only people who survive time are considered looser by their contemporary, but genius by the next generations. Ergo, I am not gonna fight for a place in Tv. whatsoever.


вещица said...

heya happy looser :)
didn't know you wanted to do tv. film+socanth/arch is my dream too!
i'll see you when we break our fast. now off to the library.

onar said... I am not a loser!!!we beat johns!!!!! anyway, I don't really want to do tv..but if nothing more exciting happens in my life I might really end up doing

P.s. You told me to write in english but your blog is all in cirillic!! How can I understand?xxx