Sunday, January 28, 2007


Never make the mistake of thinking that people will be or act as you have imagined they would be or act. Cose your imagination is 100 km away from reality even when it seems real...I should remeber this.


Shant said...

Ya that's right...everytime i imagine what a person will do..a completely different thing you only have to wait and see what happens...nothing else to do :-)

Jul said...

Oh Marghe,you're so definitely right...I mean,women have a very vivid imagination,too vivid i would say,we must learn not to trust it and, which's even more important, learn how to learn imagination form intuition cause mixing those two things up will be a bad

onar said...

Oh Jul!That's true, definitely...sometimes I panik cose I can't stop my imagination and start to think properly..but Shant was right could be much better than imagination!!!:-)